Lowbrews offers high quality alcohol free beers and ciders for sale.

We know they are the best quality as we independently review as many options as we can get our hands on. In addition to our store, we aim to bring you down to earth reviews covering a plethora of choice from the non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic drinks market. We cover all types of beer, ale and cider, so long as their ABV falls under 1.5%.

We recognise that there are a range of reasons why someone would prefer not to drink alcohol; from pursuing a healthier lifestyle to a problem with addiction, and we aim to address that in the way we write our reviews.

Whilst traditional elements are helpful, and will still be noted, we try to focus more on the social side of sobriety.
It’s all well and good to wax lyrical about clarity and mouthfeel, but we think the non-alcoholic market has some very alternative values that deserve to be championed.

We talk about exchanging drinks based on your preferences, which drinks work in social situations and, in particular, the habits and comforts you take pleasure in when choosing to enjoy a drink. We call this the “comfort” factor and it makes up a significant part of our review scores. We talk more about it in our article "Introducing the comfort factor".

We have no intention of becoming beer bores, so our reviews are kept compact, bold and informative.

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