“Wow!”, “Lovely smell huh?” and “I can smell that from here”. Just some of the comments flowing as we uncapped The good cider of San Sebastian; A beautifully branded bottle with a cultured name. It’s an elegant, light colour with a hint of green.

The taste matches the first impressions. It’s crisp and refreshing. On the negative side, it seems absolutely indistinguishable from sparkling apple juice.
"Crisp and refreshing"
A wonderfully tasty and refreshing drink, by all means pick up a bottle at a restaurant or bar, it will make a lovely accompaniment for a meal, but if you are after a more traditional cider fix you’ll have to look elsewhere.
ABV: 0.0%
Kcal per 100ml: 34
Serving size: 330ml

What the label says:
“Sparkling apple drink.”

Lowbrew Rating: 68%

Taste - 80%
Smell - 92%
Finish - 70%
Comfort - 60%
Value - 40%