With Hogan’s High Sobriety it really feels like you are having a cider. Everything about it familiar. A familiar bottle, the comforting fizz on opening and the recognisable aroma on your first pour. It has a lovely appley smell and a great colour with a really great medium to sweet natural flavour. There is nothing artificial about this at all with a smooth and clean taste.
"A remarkably satisfying cider fix"

A hint of backsweetening with apple juice adds to the final impressive flavour. At 1% ABV this is clearly higher in strength than zero alcohol drinks, and you can tell, but for such a small percentage increase you get a remarkably satisfying cider fix.

Very commendable in it’s achievement.

ABV: 1%
Kcal per 100ml: n/a
Serving size: 500ml

What the label says:
“High by name but low by nature. This light, refreshing and gently sparkling low alcohol cider is no less authentically fresh pressed than any of our other brilliantly tasty ciders, just without the same inebriating qualities (which could be good for some people we know). As always, it’s the tanins that make for a deliciously moreish appley drop beautifully well balanced without being too sweet. And because we’ve kept the alcohol low, you can indulge yourself that little bit more without falling in the bush… again!”

Lowbrew Rating: 78%

Taste - 84%
Smell - 80%
Finish - 70%
Comfort - 80%
Value - 80%