We have a crystal clear Pilsner on offer from Superbock. It has very low carbonation on pour which results in any notable head whatsoever. Light amber in colour with a comforting familiar smell. It honourably avoids being both artificial and yeasty.
"Better than most supermarket selections"
Similar in many ways to Budweiser’s Prohibition brew, But with a nicer, slightly fruitier taste and a minor caramel flavour. It’s crisp but watery with a rather thin mouthfeel. Having said that, the taste does stay on the tongue rather than instantly wash away. Superbock is a solid offering, if not providing anything new. We’d probably prefer drinking direct from an ice cold bottle. A good fridge staple and better than most supermarket selections.
ABV: 0.5%
Kcal per 100ml: 23
Serving size: 330ml

Lowbrew Rating: 58%

Taste - 56%
Smell - 50%
Finish - 60%
Comfort - 70%
Value - 50%