We met the Small Beer Factory at a recent ‘Party in the Park’ Festival and they were pleased to show us a few of their beers. Dark Lager is well named, with a slight coffee and stout smell. The flavour is exactly as you would want and expect from a quality dark lager. The 1% ABV gives it a slight edge naturally missing from 0% brews.
"A quality dark lager. Top marks."

For those looking to cut down on alcohol intake without the need to go to absolute zero, this is perfect. The bottle is beautifully branded, although availability could be improved. It’s a lovely drink, tastes slightly weaker than you would expect from a standard drink, but nowhere near as weak as it actually is.

A lovely finish full of flavour too. Top marks.

ABV: 1%
Kcal per 100ml: n/a
Serving size: 330ml

What the label says:
“We set out on a mission to create great tasting beer at a lower ABV. Beer that let us have all the enjoyment, but didn’t slow us down.

The Small Beer Factory is the worlds first to specialise exclusively in the production of small beer 0.5-2.8% ABV. By combining modern know-how with classical brewing methods we are reignighting the lost tradition of small beer, historically a staple in British daily life.

You are holding in your hand The Original Small Beer Dark Lager, a glorious balance of coffee, chocolate and toasted notes. Refreshingly different, it’s big for such a small beer.

So savour lif’e big moments and join us in pioneering the ‘BrewVolution’: Small beer, big taste, sustainably brewed.”

Lowbrew Rating: 88%

Taste - 94%
Smell - 80%
Finish - 84%
Comfort - 92%
Value - 90%