Sagres is another favourite brewer of ours. This Portuguese brewery has some solid stable offerings in its range. Expectations were high. With a limited smell, mostly clean but still minor, Sagres pours rather flat.
 On first sip a honeyed malty taste greets you. A fair effort but, as it feels very thin, this prematurely skips to a chalky sweetened finish.
"Overreliance on throwing malt and sugar together"
Not as refined as their alcoholic lager, this lowbrew sports an over reliance on throwing malt and sugar together to create a taste. Now owned by Heineken, you would likely be better off drinking their own 0.0% lager.
ABV: 0.3%
Kcal per 100ml: n/a
Serving size: 330ml

Lowbrew Rating: 40%

Taste - 44%
Smell - 40%
Finish - 36%
Comfort - 40%
Value - 40%