A wonderful return into the #nolo arena from Brewdog. With their Nanny State holding up so well we were pretty excited about the Raspberry Blitz. Well, I say excited, the truth is that around half of the tasting group like sour beers, and the other half do not.
"A super smooth Berliner Wiesse"

The removal of alcohol seems to take the edge off the sourness, making this super smooth Berliner Wiesse accessible to all. And when it's full of raspberry tones, a tasty ale it is.

We actually preferred drinking it straight from the can as it looks more like a fruit soda when dispensed into a glass, and it kind of ruined the appeal. Still, a quality beer and a wonderful chance to refresh your tastebuds on an evening out, or any occassion that sees you drinking for a duration.

ABV: 0.5%
Kcal per 100ml: 39
Serving size: 330ml

What the label says:
“Raspberries to the slaughter in this low-ABV fruit carnage. Pulp fiction meets pulp fact in our insanely juicy Berliner Wiesse, packing more fruit than the state of California. Ripe red berries burst across the palate, rapidly pursued by a blast of zesty lemon. All rivited on to a super smooth oat base, rounding out this juice machine. Raspberry Blitz - Super Juicy, Super Zesty, Super crushable.”

Lowbrew Rating: 81%

Taste - 80%
Smell - 76%
Finish - 76%
Comfort - 84%
Value - 90%