Alike in all aspects to its full alcohol sibling. The same great colour and a similar smell. If you like Old Speckled Hen, then you will certainly enjoy this too. A traditional ale, offers a break from the high-hopped citrus market of craft ales. One for those looking for a replacement for a solid English ale.
"True to character"
It tastes malty and toffee with a very smooth finish. There aren’t too many good traditional ales around and this is true to character.
ABV: 0.5%
Kcal per 100ml: 22
Serving size: 500ml

What the label says:
“Crafted by the master brewer of Old Speckled Hen, the nation’s favourite premium ale, this refreshing low alcohol beer is brewed to deliver taste and aroma evocative of the original but with 54% fewer calories than regular Old Speckled Hen.”

Lowbrew Rating: 76%

Taste - 76%
Smell - 72%
Finish - 76%
Comfort - 78%
Value - 78%