This small bottle with rather unappealing branding seems to indicate this was released as an afterthought rather than a quality addition to their range. The ale is flat, and amber in colour.

It smells a bit yeasty which follows through into the taste. Its not great but a wash of bitterness on the finish gives at some substance.
"Simply an also-ran"
Lindeboom 0.5% has a bolder taste than some alcohol free ales, Think a stronger version of Beck Blue, but not a refined taste really. It’s completely flat after one minute in a tall glass.

Nothing to note or stand it apart, so it’s simply an also-ran unfortunately.
ABV: 0.5%
Kcal per 100ml: 22
Serving size: 300ml

What the label says:
“Lindeboom 0.5 is brewed with crystal clear water from its own source and only natural raw materials. A special selection of hops and malt from the very best summer tastes ensure a balanced taste. Lindeboom 0.5 has a beer character and a subtle hoppy aftertaste. A natural and responsible thirst quencher with a unique isotonic effect.”

Lowbrew Rating: 24%

Taste - 30%
Smell - 36%
Finish - 20%
Comfort - 10%
Value - 24%