A feisty start from Krombacher Pils with an initial burst of fervour in the head, however this is short lived and dies out quickly. It’s a very cool and clean taste, as you may expect from a pilsner. An appealing light golden colour certainly looks attractive in a quality glass.
"Drinkable but not spectacular"
A light and fresh mouthfeel. Its thin but not watery, and refreshing when served cold. Downsides include a slight metallic smell which reoccurs in the finish. A pasty sweetener aftertaste does build up in the second half of the bottle so you may want to alternate these with a different drink. You’ll certainly want a soft drink to refresh your tastebuds inbetween if this is the only beer available.

The old style branding doesn’t make it look an exciting choice, so there really are no surprises from it’s flavour. It’s drinkable but not spectacularly different from mid-table mediocrity.
ABV: 0.5%
Kcal per 100ml: 26
Serving size: 500ml

Lowbrew Rating: 46%

Taste - 52%
Smell - 44%
Finish - 50%
Comfort - 36%
Value - 44%