With stylishly subtle and polished branding , We are expecting a craft ale style flavoursome treat. Often quite the task with low-alcohol drinks. The ale is very flat on pour but beautifully crisp and clear.

A lovely hoppy bite on first sip with a bitterness that stays on your tongue and transfers around your whole mouth. Each subsequent sip provides another bite of bitterness. Nice!
"Glorious bites of bitterness"
The liquid is clean and light, not yeasty at all. I wouldn’t be able to tell it was a 0% Lowbrew if I wasn’t told. It really does taste like a regular (alcoholic) ale. The flavour lasts in your mouth so you don’t feel the need to down it quickly. Other than the carbonation, or lack there of, it’s a very nice pale ale. Not unlike Nanny State, but less of Brewdog’s trademark flavours.

Looking forward to the rest of Nirvana’s range.
ABV: 0.5%
Kcal per 100ml: 9
Serving size: 330ml

What the label says:
“Only the finest artisan ingredients are used to brew our handcrafter alcohol free beers. Break free from the entagled roots, escape the woven web, liberate your taste buds.

Positive action returns a positive effect. A light refreshing pale ale with classic citrus and floral hop aromas leading to a bitter dry finish.”

Lowbrew Rating: 82%

Taste - 90%
Smell - 60%
Finish - 90%
Comfort - 88%
Value - 80%