A tiny bottle of suprises this one! Nice and natural smelling, this ale is clear amber in colour and makes its entrance with a little fizz but no parade. Jupiler tastes very sweet, almost sugary. Just like a jelly peach sweet if you have had the pleasure of those. That no bad thing! It’s pretty flat but has a smooth finish.
"A tiny bottle of suprises"
A lovely little bottle and is completely alcohol free. A Jupiler served in an ice cold bottle would be a treat to sip. It’s well priced partly due to its size and is a great option for a relaxed drink at home or a tasty variation from a soft drink at a bar.
ABV: 0.0%
Kcal per 100ml: 35
Serving size: 250ml

Lowbrew Rating: 86%

Taste - 84%
Smell - 84%
Finish - 80%
Comfort - 86%
Value - 96%