Jever is a clear, pale golden lager. It’s well carbonated and therefore super bubbly on initial pour. It has a natural lager smell and a familiar taste.
"Feels more like a 2% lager"
Jever has a sharpness and bitterness, with a slight metallic finish which feels different to many alcohol free lager, and therefore makes it taste stronger than it is. It certainly feels more like a 2% lager.

Ok, but not great.
ABV: 0%
Kcal per 100ml: 13
Serving size: 330ml

What the label says:
“Non alcoholic pilsner. German quality. Jever refinement.”

Lowbrew Rating: 50%

Taste - 60%
Smell - 40%
Finish - 60%
Comfort - 40%
Value - 50%