An initial flurry of head and bubbles reduces quickly leaving an unbelievably cloudy ale. So much so it’s impossible to see if it is carbonated. Very murky and muddied amber, much more than you would expect from regular wheat beer. On the plus side, there is a friendly and encouraging floral aroma.
"Murky and muddied but impressive"
A hit! The first taste is impressive. We wouldn’t be able to tell it was alcohol free in a blind taste test. Full of consistent and floral wheat beer flavours. There is no bitter aftertaste, and notably, no presence of a chalky sweetener that is common with isotonic wheat beers.

Probably the most stable and likeable wheat beer we have tested so far here at Lowbrews.
ABV: <0.5%
Kcal per 100ml: 20
Serving size: 500ml

What the label says:
“Crystal-clear, soft brewing water from 7 sources in 1000m high, quality malt from the region and German aroma hops from Tettnang and the Hallertau make Rothaus beer so tasty.”

Lowbrew Rating: 62%

Taste - 76%
Smell - 74%
Finish - 60%
Comfort - 40%
Value - 60%