Fruh Kolsch is a wonder in some ways. It has the unique talent of being overly carbonated whilst being totally flat. We wish both points weren’t true. Taste wise, it’s pretty standard fare, but having a relatively neutral aftertaste makes it very palatable to drink if you are going to have a few over the course of an evening. Another positive would be its low calorie count if you’re being health conscious.
"Refreshing and does the job"
There is a hint of sweetness in there for a bit of taste, and if it was ice-cold I’d find it hard to complain about.

A refreshing lager that does the job.
ABV: 0.0%
Kcal per 100ml: 16
Serving size: 330ml

Lowbrew Rating: 56%

Taste - 60%
Smell - 40%
Finish - 64%
Comfort - 60%
Value - 58%