A lovely small bottle, straight from the fridge, crisp, cool and rippled with condensation. This is begging to be drunk straight from the bottle. We do decant it into a glass however and it pours simply with a few bubbles that flatten out soon afterwards. Happily, a clean lager smell greets us.
"Drink ice cold from the bottle"
A really pleasant first taste. Clean and sharp. It is smooth, flat and easy to drink. I want someone to hand me one of these at a BBQ. It feels think in the mouth with no real finish but it’s all very refreshing. Drink ice cold from the bottle next time for a winner.
ABV: 0.0%
Kcal per 100ml: 21
Serving size: 250ml

Lowbrew Rating: 72%

Taste - 80%
Smell - 60%
Finish - 50%
Comfort - 90%
Value - 80%