Poured from a monolith of a can, an appealing clear ale happily glugs into the glass. Although well carbonated, the head quickly and cleanly fades away with leaving no lacing. What remains is a beer emanating a favourable floral and fruity aroma.

It tastes exactly as it smells, but the intensity of first hit is still fairly surprising. Makes such a change from the class of generic flavours on offer elsewhere.
"You can ride this rollercoaster again and again"

The bitter, smooth taste gets you time and time again. Its just not something you expect from a non-alcoholic ale. There is perhaps too much of a good thing however. Two cans is enough before you are searching for another drink.

Perhaps a palette cleanser so you can ride this rollercoaster all over again.

ABV: 0.0%
Kcal per 100ml: 16
Serving size: 500ml

Lowbrew Rating: 84%

Taste - 88%
Smell - 92%
Finish - 80%
Comfort - 80%
Value - 92%