One of a smart range from Nirvana. Although at 1% ABV you couldn’t class this as alcohol free if you were bothered about that. You can tell it’s a stronger ale immediately by its natural aroma.

An attractive dark caramel colour brew, fairly clear with a slight haze. The smell is lovely. Serious five star quality. 
On the flipside, there is zero carbonation or head, with the only bubbles created by the act of pouring the ale.
"Beery enough but a lack of bite"
A light tropical taste which doesn’t taste any stronger than fully 0% brews. A pleasant taste with a slightly sweet finish, but a thin mouthfeel and a lack of a bite of either carbonation or bitterness contributes to a slight disappointing experience. The more you drink, the thinner it feels. It’s not bad, there is just nothing there resulting in it being beery enough.

Still very easy to drink.
ABV: 1%
Kcal per 100ml: n/a
Serving size: 330ml

What the label says:
“Find alignment, let the energy flow. American hopped pale ale with fresh notes of passionfruit, pine and a light bitter finish.”

Lowbrew Rating: 68%

Taste - 76%
Smell - 90%
Finish - 40%
Comfort - 70%
Value - 60%