Being one of the most popular brewers in the world you would hope Budweiser would develop a decent low alcohol lager to maintain its position. Having history to draw from during the Prohibition Era, an updated version of their non-alcoholic lager is now available for the modern day.

Now, the simple fact is some people like Budweiser and some don’t. Nothing new there. It has also recently been the butt of jokes in a recent advertising campaign for craft ales. So if you have decided that you hate Budweiser, we can tell you straight off; Budweiser Prohibition Brew is not the drink for you.
"Helped me make
the transition to
non-alcoholic drinks"
However if you do like Budweiser, then this offering is certainly along the same tracks. It just tastes a little thinner.

It’s a nice golden colour and smells inoffensive. The black and white branding looks very suitable and smart. In a nutshell, its perfectly fine without being outstanding.

One big plus point is the drinks availability and value. You can buy this in pretty much every supermarket and it often on sale for £2 for four 330ml cans.

From a personal point of view, this was the drink that helped me make the transition to alcohol free drinking. Having an easily affordable supply in the fridge allowed me to enjoy a drink while my healthier habits formed.
ABV: 0.05%
Kcal per 100ml: 34
Serving size: 330ml

What the label says:
“Brewed with our signature Budweiser ingredients from the choicest hops, rice and best barley malt. This is America’s genuine non-alcoholic brew. During prohibition, we brewed a non-alcoholic recipe for those who counted on Budweiser taste and quality. A century later, we still deliver a smoothness and drinkability perfect for every location.”

Lowbrew Rating: 72%

Taste - 60%
Smell - 60%
Finish - 60%
Comfort - 80%
Value - 100%