What do we have from this German behemoth? Well, straight off we have a definite sharp taste which is incredibly lager-like. Think basic old school lagers such as Carling. Usually we wouldn’t consider this much of a good thing, however it certainly makes Bitburger taste like a traditional stronger beer.
"Tastes like a traditional stronger beer"
As you progress down the glass, the taste improves. Again, the ice cold bottle is a major enjoyable factor, and is one of the reasons we enjoy a lager so much. This is nicer than Fruh, whilst maintaining the same range and style.

A very clean finish means you can drink this all night.
ABV: 0.0%
Kcal per 100ml: 22
Serving size: 330ml

Lowbrew Rating: 66%

Taste - 64%
Smell - 50%
Finish - 70%
Comfort - 68%
Value - 76%