Nice lively pour with friendly bubbles. With a beautiful fruity aroma of peaches and apricots, this is by far one of the strongest smelling lowbrews we have seen. We could smell this all day!

Lighter in colour than expected and pretty clear and clean. Big Easy has a great bitter taste transforming into a smooth finish. Gladly there is no sweetening texture.
"A solid winner"
A wonderful mouthfeel; the bitterness and carbonation ensure you aren’t going to just down this like a soft drink. Not that you wouldn’t want to of course, it tastes that good. The strong aroma doesn’t really transfer to the taste leaving its appear much fruitier than it actually is.

Real quality from Thornbridge – A solid winner.
ABV: 0.5%
Kcal per 100ml: 18.5
Serving size: 330ml

What the label says:
“Full of flavour but low in alcohol. Big Easy overflows with sublime American hops which produce a beautiful bouquet of lemon, peach and apricot”

Lowbrew Rating: 90%

Taste - 92%
Smell - 90%
Finish - 84%
Comfort - 92%
Value - 90%