No more hangovers. Imagine that.

If I was to rack my brains and dream up an ideal scenario that would benefit my life, it would be to never again experience the crushing dull pounding and inspiration-sap that is the modern day hangover. The physical aches. The wasted time.

It would be like inventing a superpower. An average person could claim back weeks worth of time every year; time to be enjoyed, to be productive, for family and friends, or to take care of themselves.

Not only that but you save money and your health would improve. The additional benefits certainly add up, but if you distill it down to that one single point to focus on initially, it can form a solid argument for you to drink less and enable habits that lead to an improved lifestyle.

The wasted time.

What could you do with an extra 50 days a year? When phrased it like that it seems ridiculous that we waste so much of our time. What could you learn, achieve and enjoy?

Those with children will understand how quickly your spare time is depleted as a parent, if it existed in the first place.

Being hangover-free is an enabler. It gives you your mornings back; the sunrises, breakfast with the kids, likely your afternoons too. It also provides the time to allow you to pursue other lifestyle goals that seemed impossible just a short time ago.

You still have to do the work for that but at least your calendar is open.