We would like to introduce you to a special and very important feature of our drinks reviews; the comfort factor.

We soon realised that rating ales and ciders simply on their taste and smell merely matched the system of other drinks reviews yet covered just a portion of what alcohol free drinkers look for.

When drinking an alcohol free beer or cider, you have made a choice to avoid alcohol for whatever reason. But removing this specific element doesn’t necessarily mean you wish to remove all of the common features, niceties or “comforts” of having a drink.

If you sit at home and enjoy one single beer, or have a quick drink after work, you’re clearly not drinking to get drunk, so your enjoyment is found in other ways; perhaps socialising or relaxing after a hard day. You are gaining in multiple ways and none of them are dependent on alcohol.

So many things can contribute to your experience;
The familiar feel of a bottle in your hand, the reassuring fizz of carbonation, playing with the foil wrapped bottleneck and a relaxing seat with a cold drink.

In addition, there are more direct comparisons such as does this actually taste like the beer or cider?, and when faced with a sober evening, what is actually available to drink, and how many can I drink before I tire of the taste?

Our Comfort rating intends to address these points. Does the drink make you feel relaxed, content and comfortable in ways usually associated with enjoying a drink, whether that is relaxing at home or when out for a social evening.

There are, after all, many ways to be content.