Title: Finding Your Sober Bubble
Author: Darren Taylor

“Finding Your Sober Bubble” presents the reader with a range of information, questions, challenges and hopefully solutions.

It focuses on an important recognitions and distinctions.
Such as how different people view what is an alcoholic, and how impressed upon our everyday life alcohol has become.

Leading with a real life story, tales of excess and a rollercoaster narrative of intermitting sobriety attempts and failures.
It is an honest and extensive self examination.

In his own words, “if you are questioning yourself about alcohol intake then chances are that you have overstepped a line somewhere”. 
If you have ever thought that, you would benefit from reading this book.

Darren maps realistic life events such as working, childcare, travelling for work, to potential mental roadblocks, and offers suggestions on dealing with them.

There is a significant focus on taking stock of yourself and discovering your own thoughts and behaviours through journalling, tests, questionnaires.

The book also introduces the concept of a “sober bubble” which is now both familiar and adoptable in the current situation.

With useful resources at back, from cocktail recipes to motivational soundtracks. You are likely to find a few gems within to help you on your own journey or challenge, whatever that may be.

Remember; Sober, not boring!

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