The concept of a dry month is both appealing and daunting in equal measure.

The allure of a potential lifestyle change, of improved health and better finances.
On the flip side there is a recognition that perhaps you are more dependent on a drink than you admit. Not just the alcohol, but the routine of opening a bottle of wine, popping to the pub or watching a movie with some beers.

We encourage you to embrace the challenge. We give ourselves challenges all the time; 5k runs, complete a video game, do a floristry course. Challenges are a key way to explore life and find out about yourself.

With our current lifestyle locked down, with the pubs and restaurants closed for now, some of these factors of temptation and routine have been temporarily suspended. It is the perfect chance to try a new angle and build a refreshing change that could impact the rest of your life.

At Lowbrews we embrace the ‘Comfort Factor’ where enjoying a drink is about the comforts of a routine as much as a tasty and relaxing drink.

If you are a beer drinker, find your preferred style, whether it is cloudy IPA or a clean lager, they all exist in a refreshing alcohol-free format. Get a few familiar cans or bottles together and then add a couple of other randoms to test the waters and find a new favourite.

You can be confident that we intentionally only stock the best rated beers at Lowbrews so the bar is high in terms of quality.

It is easy for current circumstances to get the best of us. To drain our energy, our bank account and our health.
So let’s also use this quarantine period to create a benefit. To come out the other side improved in some key aspect.

Let’s think positive. Let’s do this.